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Lello Trottole Minestra

Lello Trottole Minestra

Now that the weather is a little cooler, cravings for a nourishing, belly warming soup is called for. 

This Minestrone recipe is exactly that. A speciality from head chef and co-founder of Lello Artisan Pasta in Melbourne.

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Lello Trottole Minestra


  • 400g Lello Trottole Pasta

  • 420g cooked tin Lentils 

  • 1 cup of each Onion / Carrot / Celery (diced)

  • 1 bunch Cim’e Di Rape (spinach is fine)

  • 50g Pancetta cut

  • 420g tin Tomato puree

  • 2lts Water (or until covered)

  • Parmesan cheese & parsley to serve



In a large casserole pot fry onion, celery, carrot, pancetta & lentils until golden.  Add tomato puree and enough water to cover vegetables and cook until vegetables are tender. Season to taste. Turn off and put aside.

Boil Lello pasta (2-3 minutes). Drain pasta and add to vegetable and lentil mix giving it a good mix. 

To serve, finish with extra virgin olive, parmesan and flat leaf parsley.


Serves 2-4


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