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8 Hot Dog Toppings

8 Hot Dog Toppings

There is something so nostalgic about hot dogs. As a kid in the 80s, hot dogs were a common occurrence at friends Birthday parties, weekend sport and casual family catch-ups.

We think it's time to bring back the dog, so we've put together 8 delicious topping ideas to transform the old hot dog into something gourmetastic!


First things first - the hot dog.

For the hot dogs themselves we recommend buying good quality frankfurters with a high percentage of beef or pork (and nothing artificial).

Next, to boil or grill is the question? We recommend bringing a pot of water to a gentle boil, then removing it from the heat. Then place your hot dogs in the pot with the lid on and poach for 1-2 mins. Next, cook your hot dogs on the bbq over an indirect flame or alternatively on a hot griddle pan for another 1-2 mins until they are lightly charred. This will achieve the best result keeping the hot dogs plump and juicy and that delicious bbq flavour. 


1- The Deli Dog: 

Sauerkraut + curry mustard (stir together a little curry powder + Dijon mustard) + Swiss Cheese + Tasty Little Things Bacon-Style seasoning 

2- Mexican Hot Dog:

Grilled corn kernels + sliced avocado + coriander + chipotle mayo + Cotija or Ricotta Salata cheese sprinkled on top

3- Swiss Style Hot Dog:

Swiss cheese + shredded ham + mustard + mayo + Women’s Work Hot Dog Relish

4- Hawaiian Hot Dog:

Grilled pineapple slices + thinly sliced red onions + spicy mayo + BBQ sauce

5- Smashed Avo Hot Dog:

Avocado + bacon + crumbled feta + Tasty Little Things Bagel-Style seasoning

6- Chilli Hot Dog:

Beef chilli sauce + cheddar cheese + finely diced red onions + thinly sliced fresh jalapeno

7- Frank & Beans Hot Dog:

Baked Beans + bacon + Women’s Work Hot Dog Relish + finely diced white onion + yellow mustard 

8- Cheeseburger Hot Dog:

Square slices of American style cheese + burger sauce (cheats burger sauce is equal parts ketchup, mayo and yellow mustard) + finely diced +  Women’s Work Hot Dog Relish + finely diced white onion + shoestring fries 

    Tip: Warm or lightly toast your buns before serving too


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