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Friday Foodie In Focus - Alice In Frames

Friday Foodie In Focus - Alice In Frames

We have a special Friday Foodie In Focus interview for you today. As we're coming into the holiday season where we get to spend more time with family and the kids, we couldn't think of anyone better than Alice Zaslavsky, aka Alice In Frames to chat with. A former middle school teacher, to a stint on Masterchef Australia and now the host of kids's game show Kitchen Whiz, food editor of The Weekly Review plus author of 'Alice's Food A-Z', Alice is on one incredible edible adventure! Alice is actually a fourth generation teacher so it's no real surprise that she's gone from teaching in the classroom to teaching kids to cook, something she's really passionate about. She's on a mission to make food fun and doing one hell of a job at it.
friday foodie Alice In Frames
What's your food philosophy?
Make it yourself, find the best ingredients you can when they're at their peak, have fun.
Tell us about your new book 'Alice's Food A-Z' and why you're so passionate about teaching kids to cook?
It's a fun food reference book that's organised alphabetically - apples, asparagus, avocado - that sort of thing. Kids love it because it's a little bit naughty and gross in parts, and parents love it because it's funny and interesting for them as well. Teaching kids to cook helps them with the rest of their lives - not just in being able to feed themselves, it also teaches them resilience, how to be adaptable; it makes them appreciate learning. friday foodie alice in frames
What's one piece of advice for our mum's & dad's readers to help make their kids adventurous eaters?
Make them into "try-athletes". They're the ones who turn trying new things a competitive sport. What's the weirdest thing you've eaten? I bet I've had weirder - that sort of thing. Kids love that. Also, get them to make things themselves, using ingredients they might not know or ones they've already flagged as not their fave. It's amazing what they'll eat when they're connected to the process.
What's your first memory in the kitchen?
Making dumplings with my babushka - also, mincing tomatoes in the tomato press to make Georgian tomato sauce. Friday foodie Alice In Frames
What is your proudest moment or achievement to date?
This book becoming a best-seller was pretty cool. Also, being named the Food Editor at The Weekly Review. Matt Preston, John Lethlean and Dani Valent have all held that gig, so it's a massive honour to walk in their footsteps.
If I looked inside your fridge, what would I find?
A lot of fermented items (not because they're off either!). My husband Nick loves fermenting stuff - pickles, preserves. We also always have heaps of fresh fruit and veg in the house - it's what I eat when I'm not out trying new restaurants.
What would your last supper be?
Oysters, grilled shellfish, green stuff + some form of fruit-based dessert. Heaven.
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