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Celebrating World Small Business Day....Everyday

Today is World Small Business Day, so we're setting a small challenge for everyone that reads this. In April, the UN General Assembly marked June 27 as a global day for the celebration of small and micro enterprises, an initiative to help drive sustainable global development by 2030. The UN 2030 Agenda is a plan of action for people, the planet and prosperity. We know, like us, you support any steps in supporting the makers and shakers who play such a crucial role in driving long term sustainable growth for our local economy. We are consistently amazed by the innovation, creativity and quality too by small businesses within Australia, including the brilliant food producers we are lucky enough to partner and connect with. Say hello to Careel Bay Honey, Barenuts, Garlicious Grown , Epicurean Harvest and Hands Lane to name a few.
"After all, these are real people, just like you & me, behind the food we believe so much in"
World Small Business Day Image: Careel Bay Honey Co
Supporting small business is so tightly woven into Foodies Collective's brand DNA that without them, we simply wouldn't exist. Not only do we love helping our passionate tribe of foodies discover & taste the very best Australian artisan food, we absolutely love sharing the stories of the producers we partner with. After all, these are real people, just like you & me, behind the food we believe so much in. This is why we celebrate Small Business Day, everyday. So today, amongst all the purchases you need to make, we challenge you to pause for just a second to think if there is a local maker or shaker you can buy from instead of the 'big guys'? From your local butcher to baker or independent wine store (for that bottle of red you must have with your slow cooked casserole tonight), start paving the way now for #localcomesfirst everyday. All we have to do is ask ourselves what our local communities would look like without these guys. It's not a pretty sight is it. Who wants a 'high street' that looks identical to the next suburb....not us! Small changes in our everyday habits will make big changes for our future. #localcomesfirst #tasteoflocal #foodiescollective www.foodiescollective.com.au References: Smart Company / UN.org /
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