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This small but carefully curated collection of Australian made goodies is designed with foodies in mind.

100% Australian, 100% Natural + 100% Beautiful.

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Lucia's Arrabbiata Sauce - 3 pack
Sold Out
$16.00 $21.00

* Special promo *

At Lucia's, they create small batch, handmade sauces, and condiments. "We honestly believe we produce the best pasta sauces in Australia today”.

Lucia’s tomato based products are only made seasonally over the Summer months while the Australian tomatoes are at their best, ensuring freshness, quality and a great product and most importantly, a unique and fresh tomato flavour.


Pack includes:

Lucia's Arrabbiata Sauce - 3 x 500g jars

Made from only premium Australian Roma tomatoes, following a classic Italian family recipe. 


100% Natural ingredients. Preservative Free.

100% Australian made. 


    Crackle Popcorn Caramel & Rosemary - 6 pack Crackle Popcorn Caramel & Rosemary - 6 pack
    Sold Out
    $39.00 $48.00

    * Special promo *

    Super light and crunchy popcorn, these all natural bite size morsels are carefully coated in the perfectly balanced Salted Caramel, and paired with signature and unique flavour combinations.

    Every batch is slow roasted at a low temperature which gives Crackle Caramel Popcorn its irresistible edge.

    Creator Katherine Yerondais is a Melbourne based pastry chef whose commitment for perfection has resulted in the treat that refuses to compromise.


     Special includes:

    Crackle Popcorn Caramel & Rosemary flavour - 6 x 100g packets

    100% Natural ingredients. Preservative Free.

    Origin: Melbourne, VIC


      PomPom Paddock 'Kentucky Style' Crispy Chicken Coating  - 3 pack
      Sold Out
      $19.00 $22.50

      * Special promo *

      The PomPom Paddock Kentucky Style Crispy Chicken mix tastes just like that secret seasoning from that big name fast food chain, but is jammed packed with hidden veggies & goodness. 

      For succulent flavours, crunchy crispiness and golden goodness in your chicken tenders, fish fingers, tofu or just about anything you coat. Dunk, dip, fry (or bake)!

      PomPom Paddock is a family owned Australian business committed to bringing you wholesome & delicious mixes using fresh and natural ingredients, with Cauliflower being the core ingredients!


       Special includes:

      PomPom Paddock Kentucky Style Chicken Coating - 3 x 220g packets

      100% Natural ingredients. Preservative Free.

      Origin: Sydney


        Ingredients: Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Maize Flour, Maize Starch, Herb & Spices (Thyme, Pepper, Coriander, Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Fennel), Dried Cauliflower, Quinoa Flour, Sorghum Flour, Mineral Salt (Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate), Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate), Salt, Canola Oil, Dextrose (Tapioca, Maize), Vegetable Gum (Locust Bean Gum), Psyllium Husk, Citrus Fibre.

        Little Tuna Australian Tuna Steak in Olive Oil - 6 pack Little Tuna Australian Tuna Steak in Olive Oil - 6 pack
        Sold Out
        $66.00 $94.50

        * Bulk buy special *

         Only $11 per jar. RRP $15.95 per jar


        Little Tuna is a very special Australian brand doing wonderful things for the Australian fishing industry. The proof is in the taste....it's the best tuna we've ever tried in a jar or can!

        100% Australian caught, owned and made sustainably, off the coast of Cairns Queenslands. 

        Rowan and Kate Lamason are the creators behind Little Tina and are extremely passionate about building a sustainable business and bringing Australian tuna to all. 

         Special includes:

        Australian Tuna Steaks in Olive Oil - 290g  x6 jars
        Serving suggestion: Add to salads, sandwiches, pasta, make patties etc

        Origin: Cairns, QLD


          Tasty Little Things 'Bagel Style Seasoning' - 3 pack
          Sold Out
          $28.00 $36.00

          * Special promo *

          Tasty Little Things hero product Bagel-Style seasoning can be sprinkled on pretty much everything! Sprinkle your Bagel-Style Seasoning on eggs, avo on toast, open sandwiches, top of sausage rolls, soups or salads or try a crusted salmon fillet - simply press the seasoning blend onto the top side of the fillet and place it skin-side down in a hot pan for a few minutes

          Established in 2020, Tasty Little Things creates exciting spice & seed seasonings to add extra flavour & crunch to your everyday meals.  They proudly source premium ingredients including locally grown poppy seeds and Tasmanian sea salt. 


           Special includes:

          Tasty Little Things 'Bagel Style' Seasoning - 3 x 70g packets

          100% Natural ingredients. Preservative Free.

          Origin: Tasmania


            Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaning Duo Pack Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaning Duo Pack
            Sold Out
            $22.00 $27.90

            * Special promo*

              A must have pack for every home kitchen.

              Koala Eco was founded by husband and wife duo Jessica Bragdon and Paul Davidson in 2017. 

              Safe, powerful, plant-based cleaning products for a clean home, body and mind. Koala Eco's ingredients are safe, powerful, plant-based and sustainable. They use the highest quality aromatherapy grade Australian essential oils.

              Duo pack includes:

              Natural Kitchen Cleaner Spray - Lemon Myrtle & Mandarin Essential Oil

              Natural Fruit & Veg Wash - Mandarin Essential Oil


              Origin: Sydney, NSW

                  Pantry Essentials Box (NEW) Pantry Essentials Box (NEW)
                  Sold Out
                  $34.00 $40.00

                  A must have collection of premium Australian made pantry essentials for all foodies: 

                  • The Pantry Essentials Box features 5 premium & unique gourmet products sourced from the very best artisan producers. All goodies are 100% Australian made.


                  * Salt Flakes by Murray River Salt - The most important pantry essential in a convenient resealable pouch. Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ are produced from the saline aquifers of the once ancient sea which is now known as the Murray Darling Basin.

                  * Aussie Pepper Whole Peppercorns - Very special (& rare!) Australian grown pepper. Ready to add to your grinder. 

                  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  by Morella Grove- Premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 100ml taster size

                  Beetroot Balsamic Vinegar by Morella Grove - This sweet & sticky drizzle can be used on salads, roast vegetables and steamed greens. 100ml taster size

                  * Garlic Granules by Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic - Enjoy Australian grown garlic all year round with these dried garlic granules. Use 1 tsp when a recipe calls for 1 clove. 

                  * Mixed Dried Herbs & Hot mix by Strathbogie Flavours - a fantastic dried herbs mix to be used in your cooking or to sprinkle over your meals. Ingredients: Hot Crushed Chilli, Red Crushed Peppers, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Garlic, Sage, Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Parsley, Lemon Zest, Orange Zest, Lime Zest, Citric Acid, Sumac. 



                        • Beautifully presented in our sustainable premium kraft gift box with white tissue paper and sealed with our 'Handpicked Especially For You' matte black sticker.

                              • Sending as a gift? Choose one of the 4 illustrated box wraps: 'Happy Birthday' / 'Congrats' / 'Thank you' / You Are The Best' (just +$2.50)

                              • Personalised handwritten gift note (write your message below)


                               Thank you for choosing to support local!

                                Easy Peasy Dinner Box (NEW) Easy Peasy Dinner Box (NEW)
                                Sold Out
                                $33.00 $37.00

                                * An exciting gourmet box to help you make delicious dinners fast! *


                                The Easy Peasy Dinner box includes:

                                Crispy Chicken Coating mix by PomPom Paddock  - make the most succulent crispy finger licking chicken

                                Original Falafel Mix by Arabian Bites makes authentic falafels. Make delicious falafel bowls or a shared mezze platter

                                Taco Seasoning Mix by Screaming Seeds - a delicious spice mix for Tuesday tacos or Fajitas Fridays!

                                Paella Spice Mix by Screaming Seeds - the easiest way to make an authentic tasting Paella


                                100% Australian Made.

                                100% Natural Ingredients. 


                                  Zesty, Crispy & Tasty Trio (NEW) Zesty, Crispy & Tasty Trio (NEW)
                                  Sold Out
                                  $28.00 $35.00

                                  * A delicious tri of gourmet pantry essentials to create zesty salads, crispy chicken with a sprinkling of bagel style seasoning *


                                   Trio pack includes:

                                  PomPom Paddock Kentucky Style Crispy Chicken Coating  - make the most succulent crispy finger licking chicken!

                                  Tasty Little Things 'Bagel Style' Seasoning   - Sprinkle on eggs, salads, soups, stir frys etc

                                  Rich Glen Poppy Dressing  - delicious on all salads & greens

                                  100% Australian Made.

                                  100% Natural Ingredients. 


                                    Indian Onion Bhaji & Chutney Duo Box (NEW) Indian Onion Bhaji & Chutney Duo Box (NEW)
                                    Sold Out
                                    $15.00 $18.00

                                    * A delicious duo of your favourite Indian condiment & side *


                                    Duo pack includes:

                                    Onion Bhaji Bites Little Bites Meal Kit by Turban Chopsticks - Just add onion, fresh coriander & fresh chilli. Makes approx 35 bites

                                    Mango Chutney by Turban Chopsticks - sweet Australian mangoes slow cooked with ginger, spices and plump sultanas. Enjoy this chutney with your favourite curry or to add some zing to your BBQ's. 

                                    100% Australian Made.

                                    100% Natural Ingredients. 


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