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Here's What To Expect...

Hello fellow foodie!
So you're curious about the Discovery Box but not quite sure How It Works or What's Inside?

The Discovery Box was created for foodies (just like you) who LOVE discovering new foods, experimenting with exciting flavours & get that giddy high when eating really, really good food.

Receive 4 limited edition seasonal boxes direct to your door per year. We bring the best of a gourmet farmers market to you!

The experience is a discovery & celebration of food, more importantly, Australian made food .

Discover new artisan foods you wouldn't find otherwise.

Premium pantry essentials to upgrade
your everyday cooking.

100% Australian Made.


More than a box...

Subscriber Perks

Join our foodie community & receive the best Australian made foods every season. Inside your box is a bonus 16pg magazine incl recipes (to help you use your products!), producer interviews + more.
Get access to our private FB group & receive exclusive offers direct from our partner producers.

Gourmet Products

Small Batch, Local Finds

Inside every box is a mix of everyday pantry essentials, unique gourmet products to experiment with plus something sweet to savour.
Examples are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vinegars, Salts, Herbs & Spices, Chilli Sauce, Curry pastes, Dried Pasta, Tomato Sauces, Dressings, Chocolates, Nuts, Lavosh, Olives, Teas, Fruits Pastes, Nougat, Fudge etc etc!

Hidden Gems

Quality Products

We search the country high & low to deliver award winning, unique & exciting products to your door.....undiscovered hidden gourmet gems that you wouldn't find otherwise.

100% Real

Real Food, Real People

One of core values is to only feature products that use real ingredients made by real people. Passionate producers who truly care about the food they make. You won't find any artificial fillers or ingredients. You can trust that you'll only receive the good stuff from us!

Easy Peasy & Stress Free

Peace of Mind

Excited & Stress Free is how we want you to feel. Choose the Quarterly Subscription which gives you full control to Cancel or Skip A Box/Season anytime.
Or simply Try A Single Box to have a taster :)


Still curious....see SUMMER Box spoiler:


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