Riedel Young Gun Of Wine – Josephine Perry, Dormilona Wine

We’re excited to bring you another edition of Friday Foodie in Focus, this time featuring the award winning Josephine Perry of Dormilona wine.

Dormilona wine is a boutique wine business from the Margaret River in Western Australia. Created by Josephine and her partner Jimmy, along with the support of her two little ones, they are a proud small batch hand made producer of organic and biodynamic wines.

Having picked up the Best New Act in 2013 and being a finalist for the third time this year (2016), she’s proven that third time is a charm. Josephine took the top gong, Riedel Top Young Gun Of Wine, at the tenth annual, 2016 Young Gun Of Wine Awards earlier this month.

dormilona wines

Dormilona’s unique brand image – designed by Sean Edward Whelan


Dormilona wine prides itself on following organic & biodynamic practices, free from pesticides & fungicidies. Producing wine with no additives, fining, filteration & very little intervention. Only a tinie tiny amount of sulphur at bottling.

We believe that this helps to express the vineyards character, the vintage and in return make tasty wines that are alternative in fashion & style.

Continuing to push boundaries, Josephine has introduced a limited range to the Dormilona brand called Clayface. It’s a project wine made in pure amphora terracotta pots left for wild fermentation. Once the degrees of natural sugars reaches a certain level, the bubbling wine is transferred directly into bottle where it’s allowed to finish its fermentation The end product, a naturally sparkling wine.

If you’re just as impressed and curious as we are, hear more from Josephine herself in our Friday Foodie In Focus interview below:



What’s your food and wine philosophy?

Cook what’s in season & drink accordingly. I have my days of finding a wine I want to drink, then cooking to match it.


The name Dormilona means lazy bones. Can you share with us the story behind this & how it translates to your brand and winemaking?

Dormilona wine was my nick name in Spain ( I lived in Galicia for seven years ). I used to wake up early to go surfing or boarding so by the time the dinner was served or we where about to go out to a fiesta, I was fast asleep. Remembering they have dinner at 10pm. So I took this name & used it as a play on words with the style of natural, hands off winemaking. The little skeleton (Dormilona) that pop ups in all my labels & logo can be taken very negatively but the wines are actually made a very pure state.


What does winning the Riedel Top Gun Of The Year 2016  mean to you?

It means I’ve been doing something right. I follow my instincts with my wine making & do what feels right for the vineyard, the variety & vintage to let the natural fruit shine in the glass. I don’t follow a recipe as such, every vintage is different so for something I do from my heart gives me confidence to keep following my path of making organic & bio dynamic wines.


dormilona wines

Josephine at the Young Guns Of Wine 2016


Dormilona has been described as pushing creative boundaries in the Margaret River. Can you shed any light on this?

Margaret River has always been regarded a dressage circle of amazingly high quality wines on an international level & still is. I suppose I do not conform with what the trend of winemaking but I still make high quality wines, just in a different manner with a different marketing method.


What is life like as a mum, starting & running a business, particularly in the wine industry?

It’s fun & challenging. I suppose I am one of those lucky people that loves their work so my work is my life with my family included in it. My little girl’s first memories is going to be doing vintage at the winery in a swing & my boy learning to stir barrels & plunge ferments at the age of 3. The kids & my partner always come first & I drop anything for them, but they all know Mummy needs her wine! ha!


dormilona wines


As a trailblazer, what emerging trends do you foresee in the wine game?

Am hoping to see some more recyclable trends – like a fill up station at your local wine shop. Bring in a container & fill it up for your house wine. Or the old milk run. Leave you bottles on the porch & along comes the wine van who swaps them out. There is so much waste on packaging.


What would your last supper be and what would you pair it with?

Entree: Oysters + Albraino

Main: Duck + Pinot

Dessert: Cheese, lots & lots of kick arse french cheese + champagne!



Now all that’s left to do is to try some of Josephine’s wines!


To discover more & connect with Josephine (or even buy some of her wine), click below:



dormilona wines

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